• Planning

    Understand what you want to achieve with your website, and how do you plan on implementing it.

  • Design

    We will develop a beautiful, affordable website design for your project.

  • SEO

    We create a website that's optimized and consistent with your targeted audience. We make sure it's optimized for major search engines.

  • Launching

    After we've successfully tested your website rigorously and have gotten the final approval, we deploy the website to the live audience.

  • Maintenance

    We perform software updates each website monthly to ensure that it's working efficiently at all times.

Our design process

We start each project by meeting with our client either by phone or by email to discuss their exact business goals and what they want the end product to achieve. We discuss the flow of the website, what the end UI/UX should be, and then we produce a flowchart from there. We gather as much information as possible, which means there are a lot of Q&As and discussion as well as us researching the market and finding the target audience. 

We will send you a formal proposal based on the site architecture that we have developed. This will include the proposed solution, sitemap, CMS solution, budgeting needs and the time required. 

At this stage we develop the information architecture for the website or application and arrange the information the best way it would fit into your sitemap. Afterward, we create a digital concept of each of the pages that your website will be comprised of, then plan the navigation of the final product. 

At this step of the process we will take the particular structure and layout and bring it to life. We develop a rich interface together with graphics, typography, placement, and functionality. This intensive process involves multiple rounds of review and revisions that conclude with the client approving a design that they are happy with.

Once the visual design and user interface is complete and the client has approved the final draft, we will set up the hosting and database environments and begin development and start building and making all of the code come to life, and slice up screen designs. 

Before launching the completed website, we put it through multiple rounds of rigorous testing to identify any bugs or remaining issues left in the content, design, or functionality. We launch the site once it’s been formally approved by the client, then monitor the website for 30 days to ensure it’s getting out the way that it should, and correcting any remaining issues at no fee.

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