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Recently get a new TV or surround sound system? Regardless if you just received a new TV or surround sound system as a gift or if you are looking to purchase a system, we can help!

65662985We can help you find the best deal for 4K UltraHDTV, curved, 3D, LED, plasma, or regular flat screen TVs. We cannot list prices here because stores and brands vary almost on a daily basis so we will scour retailers to find the current best deals on the day you’re ready to make your purchase. We can get that sound bar or even that nice 6:1 system you heard at the big box store.

Wait, what? 4K? 3D? LED? What does all of this mean? Don’t worry, when you’re ready to get your system up and going, we will help you understand the differences to help you make the most educated and informed decision that you can to get the most of your money. We also do not sell any hardware so don’t worry, we won’t try to up-sell you anything because we do not make any money on any product that you buy. So what are you waiting for, let’s get your living room or conference room at your office turned into a theater today!


TV Mounting

We will come to your establishment and unpack your TV, install a mounting bracket appropriate for your TV, and install an electrical outlet behind the TV as well as a coaxial input outlet, so there are no wires hanging down from your TV for people to see.

Audio Hookup

We will connect all of your audio components to your TV for your surround sound and conceal all A/V wires within the stud bay of your wall to be sure nobody sees any wires.

(Bluetooth and wireless devices still have wires for power)

Component Hookup

We will hook up any other components you have such as Xboxes, Playstations, BluRay players, etc.

We will make sure everything is hooked up properly and show you how to use your new device(s).


We will warranty our workmanship for 1 year from the date that we’re there. We will also haul off any trash for you left behind and make sure your home or office looks the way it did before we arrived.