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Home Networking

Do you have a lot of gadgets lying around the house and not getting the full potential out of them, because you don’t know what to do with them or how to get them online? Can only 1 computer get online at a time at your house?

Allow us to come in and network your entire house with a WPA2 secured wireless network. This will allow anything that is WiFi enabled in your house to get online at any time, regardless of who else is online.

network-300x208Pretty much every electronic device these days is WiFi enabled. Whether it’s a bluray player, video game console, tablet, TV, even satellite receivers. You can steam movies straight from your device to your television, or just use your home Internet with your smartphone so you don’t have to eat through your data plan.

Business Networking

Do you have multiple computers in your office but only 1 or 2 can get online? Like home networking, allow us to come into your establishment and set up your office network for you so that all of your computers will be online.

We can even set up a separate network for your customers where you can offer them free wifi if they’re a customer yet block out everyone else. This will allow your network to be safe and secure not only TO your customers, but FROM your customers.

We use the same system that hotels use where you can give your customers a special access code that will expire in a set amount of time. This will also make them accept your UAP before getting online.