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Some companies still advertise in those thick books that come door to door each year that most people throw away. Yes, phone books.

A recent study has shown that 46% of Americans do not have a land line phone, and recycle the phone book as soon as it’s delivered. Even with the people who DO still have a land line phone, those people use resources such as Google to find a business. Why would you waste your money to advertise in a phone book where a minimal audience is reached.

A study has also shown that 88% of consumers look online for companies reviews and a website before making a purchase, while 47% of small businesses do not have a web presence.

sales_marketing_intersection-300x258These are staggering numbers and we feel as though this is what is hurting small businesses all across America. That’s why we’re here to help.

We can come into your business and bring it into the digital age and get it online. We can make sure your company is marketed properly online and get the word out there for your company.

We can help your company start accepting credit cards for a very low rate, in fact cheaper than most banks charge.

Whether it’s creating a website for your company, getting your social media site up and going, allowing you to accept credit cards, or just getting your web presence out there, we can help.