IT ServicesComputer Training

Technology is the fastest growing industry on the planet and that’s nothing new to anyone. The fact is, a lot of people are getting left behind with todays technology and do not know how to operate certain devices. Others, are just too young to understand the devices and they are taught limited instructional time in K-12 schools.

trainingAs technology experts, we hate to see people get left behind or struggle to learn how to use basic functions of their devices and/or even the Internet. That’s why we’re here to help. We provide one on one sessions with individuals or even an entire family to demonstrate the essentials of how to use certain devices. We can teach many things to all ages. Whether it be how to set your DVR to record your favorite shows or how to check your email, even how to simply use the Internet and navigate around. Whatever it is that you’re struggling with, we can help you and catch you up to speed.

Yes, we can even set the time on your VCR. 🙂